For their most recent eBook, DMN spoke to Group XP’s Head of Growth and Innovation, Ksenia Starikova on what it takes to create a 360 degree customer experience.

A truly successful customer profile is one that disregards channels altogether and sees customers for who they are — human beings. It’s built on insights and relevancy, as opposed to shallow connections, between data sets. Currently this is nigh on impossible for most brands, as they don’t own their own data. The solution? Collecting and collating insights on their own terms and on their own platforms that will ensure lasting customer dialogues. The opportunity is not necessarily the breadth, but rather the depth of knowledge — and, as a result, the ability to notice, recognize, adapt to, and act on the micro-moments in their customers’ lives that actually make a difference.

Brands must disassociate their knowledge gains from channel-specific systems that feed the data sets of others and start designing customer experiences as a wholly unified singularity achieved through connected conversations and meaningful interactions.

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