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Ever wondered what it takes to rank as a high performing experience brand in a market as diverse as Asia? Well, Brand Union & FITCH have joined forces to create an Asia-focused Group XP Experience Index, launching the ranking across Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

Led by Andrew Crombie, Monica Lee and Graham Hitchmough, Regional CEOs for FITCH & Brand Union along with Chief Growth Officer, Iain Ellwood, the teams hosted select engagement sessions throughout an intensive week-long launch programme. In attendance, senior brand, marketing and customer experience clients from well-known global & local brands: HSBC, Tesco, Standard Chartered Bank, Octopus and Sanpower.

Attendees of the events were given an exclusive unveiling of local Top 30 brand league tables before diving into detailed examples of how local brands have achieved success across the four drivers of extraordinary experiences: Impression, Interaction, Responsiveness and Resilience.

Top Experience Brands - China, Singapore, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, high scoring experience brands such as HSBC, PayPal, Heineken & Blue Girl beer depict consumers’ high octane indulgent lifestyles fueled by finance & alcohol. In fact, four of the global top ten bestselling beer brands are now Chinese. But the #1 brand? Octopus, the ubiquitous travel and shopping payment brand that reaffirms the close-knit nature of Hong Kong and its people.

Octopus Hong Kong

Singapore’s top experience brands exhibit quintessentially Asian service principles like Singapore Airlines and local bank POSB. These brands have perfected the balance of exuding authentic local flavour married with the best of international standards; combining high tech and high touch in their service experience.


China’s top 30 list effervesces with icons like local beer brand Blue Moon, as well as new brands that have changed the marketplace in a short space of time like online shopping mall and travel provider Ctrip. The market, obsessively mobile-oriented and tech driven, offers a better-connected world for consumers than most Western markets.

Perhaps most refreshing, is that the usual suspects: Apple, Facebook & Google, with their West Coast synthetic world view, did not dominate these local markets in quite the same way.

But the key insight of the roadshow came from the Asian consumer’s mobile first world, a world that is so apparently ahead of the rest. Asian brands have a seductive flair for retaining local character whilst embracing new international expectations.

China Mobile First

With every annual release of the Experience Index, we, as Group XP, hope to continue the conversation at the heart of our proposition, and provide clients with direct evidence that investing in great brand experience is the key driver of business growth today.

“The Index has finally added hard proof to the soft concept of experience, and this has helped us immensely in our prospecting. What really resonates, is that we have proof of its effectiveness in Asia.” – Andrew Crombie, FITCH

“It was really powerful to see Brand Union and FITCH working together. Our shared goal is to help grow client relationships, and position our whole network as thought leaders within the brand experience category.” – Monica Lee, Brand Union

Read the full 2016 report here.

Last month, we gathered across New York and London to launch the Top 30 Experience Brands to a small group of key industry influencers.

What came next was a unique look into the future of experience.

Find out more about the brands owning the customer experience space by downloading the 2016 report here.

A first-of-its-kind report, the Group XP Experience Index leverages data from BrandZ – the world’s largest brand equity database – to evaluate brands according to the strength of their customer experience.

The report ranks the Top 30 Global Experience Brands against four specific components that seek to activate what has been called the most important marketing metric going forward: Share of Experience.

Unlocking superior brand and business performance. It’s been well researched that Share of Experience will play a central role in marketing measurement in the future. The Experience Capital Index quantifies the positive financial impact of creating compelling brand experiences.

We partnered with Millward Brown and BrandZ, the world’s largest brand equity database, to decode brand experience into four critical and measurable components. The findings show that the highest performing brands are able to integrate design, business model improvements and new technologies to create powerful customer experiences that unlock new revenue streams.