A New York summer is hot hot HOT! Sun and sweat brings desire for ice cream, but with every Tom, Dick and Harry serving up authentic gelato to make a quick buck from the craze – vendors must go way out of their way to ensure share of mind and share of scoop.

We took a masterclass from some of America’s greatest ice cream spots – here are five of the lessons we learnt about standing out in the thick of it, which can be applied to any category.


1. Strive for something unique. What’s the house special? How crazy can you go with the way that you serve it? This summer, Dominique Ansel, original creator of the Cronut, experimented with everything from watermelon and kiwi to corn-shaped ice cream.


2. Find mutually-beneficial partners. One of the best partnerships we’ve seen comes from Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewery. New Belgium gain reach, whilst Ben & Jerry’s tap into a young, hipster crowd – all in support of Climate Change awareness. Meanwhile Afters Ice Cream meets Hello Kitty? Well, maybe…


3. Scoop for Instagram. And what better way than by tapping into the East-meets-West trend that’s taking the world by storm? Imports such as Gai Daan Zai, Taiyaki and Thai Style Rolled ice cream took New York by storm this summer. Mouth-wateringly good social media content.


4. Demonstrate passion – Ice Cream is art! From teddy bears and smoking volcanoes to piles of ice cream spaghetti, never underestimate the value of showmanship.


5. Storytelling is everything. We’re all know that people want to connect with brands in a more authentic way, by learning the stories that have made them who they are. Why should this not apply to ice cream? From Ben & Jerry’s ‘Imagine Whirled Peace’ and ‘Schweddy Balls’, to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’s ‘Bea Arthur’ (look this one up, it’s a great tale!), storytelling through ice cream is the next big thing.

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