Every month we gather and share five exemplary brand experiences of recent times. This month, we focus on New York:


Top Brand Experience FordHub

Ford are no longer a car company, but a mobility provider working to empower smarter cities. To showcase some of their revolutionary thinking at the collision of tech and transportation, they opened the interactive FordHub in New York. Here, visitors are invited to experience an exciting world, as powered by Ford technology and creativity.

Cadillac House

Top Brand Experience Cadillac House

Open since June 2016, Cadillac House is part car show-room, part art gallery, part coffee shop and part pop-up retail space. By holding a dialogue with NYC’s far-reaching cultural scene, Cadillac successfully invite you to expose yourself to (and interact with) their brand at your own pace.

Syfy’s Hall of Magic

Top Brand Experience Syfy House of Magic

Syfy recently opened the Hall of Magic to promote the second series of hit show, The Magicians. Working with artists and designers, the memorable installation in New York’s William Vale hotel was a fantastical world of levitation, spell casting and mind control – perfect for the Instagram generation.

Lufthansa’s FlyingLab

Top Brand Experience Lufthansa

On February 8th Lufthansa entered the world of fashion at 30,000 feet, hosting two fashion shows for guests on their way to New York Fashion Week (a preview of New York designer Rubin Singer’s women’s collection, and a look at 60 years of Lufthansa flight uniforms). Lufthansa also allowed travellers the use of in-seat fashion technology devices and free lectures from fashion experts via the airline’s in-flight conference system.

Casper’s Pop-Up Store

Top Brand Experience Casper Soho Store

Online mattress retailers, Casper, took to brick-and-mortar this winter with a clever pop-up store in NYC’s SoHo district. Marketed as “the perfect place to explore, take a snooze, or shop for Casper products”, there was only one house rule: “kick back and relax”. And they meant that literally of course, as guests are encouraged to try out the mattress, sheets and pillows to their hearts’ content.

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