The holidays offer opportunity a plenty for brands to stand-out (sometimes literally) and confess that they, and they alone, are where you should be spending all your money.

It goes without saying that some play this game better than others. Take a look at some of 2017’s very best holiday pop-ups (which tend to, we must confess, revolve around our shared love of a tipple or two).

Jingle Hells Christmas Pop-Up

Jingle Hells Christmas Pop-Up

1. Jingle Hells

This hilarious anti-Christmas pop-up bar has appeared in New York’s Lower East Side , helping all New Yorkers to take a break from New York’s relentless holiday cheer.

Enjoy the ceiling, which is covered in Christmas decorations, lights and sinister clusters of pill bottles. Visit ‘Very Bad Santa’s Workshop’, complete with alcoholic Santa and his big bag of coal. Or play Cheer Hunter, an 8-bit arcade game that invites you to shoot and slay turtle doves, snowmen and arctic puffins.

oblix Treehouse Christmas Pop-Up

oblix Treehouse Christmas Pop-Up

2. Tanqueray x oblix east

Much to Tanqueray’s delight, the holidays are for cocktails and good cheer. As such, they’ve (literally) elevated their brand by teaming up with oblix east, the bar at the top of London’s The Shard.

You’re greeted by an archway of leafy vines, before you make your way to the bar via roped walkway. oblix east has been transformed into the heart of a treehouse, with twisted tree trunks sprawling out from the bar, along with twinkling lights and eclectic antiquities.

Alongside the installation, oblix east will serve up a limited edition cocktail menu that draws inspiriton from the treehouse with citrus botanicals of Tanqueray No. TEN.

The South Pole Saloon

3. The South Pole Saloon

This is where Christmas goes to get naughty. In the wake of their epic escape from a life of enslavement to the evil fat cat Father Christmas, the Rebel Elves ventured out into the unforgiving landscape of the frozen arctic.

Legend has it that deep in the snow drifts of the South Pole (otherwise known as London’s Brixton Rooftop) there is a Saloon. This decadent and debaucherous dive bar plays host to a Christmas spectacle like no other, for it is here the elves come out to play…

Think Fir trees and lodges, interactive theatre and themed private rooms, with rooftop nights hosted by Cirque du Soul and For the Love of Garage. Steaming bowls of street food and silly seasonal antics await.

The Lodge - Punchdrunk

4. The Lodge at Gallow Green

Nobody does pop-ups quite like Punchdrunk. In the winter months, the McKittrick Hotel’s whimsical garden rooftop bar Gallow Green transforms into a mountainside ski lodge, complete with fireside seating, plaid blankets, sleeping bunks and outdoor fire pit. Order the Sleep No More, a hard apple cider drink with sherry, orange zest and pie spices, to warm yourself up when you arrive.

What better way than to sell your show, than to get people to spend time in your show?

Yankee Candle Pop-Up

5. Candle Power NYC

Candles are paramount at Christmas. And the Yankee Candle NYC Pop-up has them all, from Fall in central Park to City Lights, from NYC Dawn to WoodWick Soho.

Adults can also create personalized candles for gifts, kids can test their scent IQ, while the whole family can make use of the ‘made-for-Instagram’ inexplicable sideways room. Guess the scent of a good candle really does outweigh the power of gravity?

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